Conductive polymers Line flexible Anode Cathode protection MMO/TI flexible anode


As a new generation of flexible anodes, MMO flexible anodes have the advantages of uniform protection potential distribution, high drainage density, long life, and high reliability. These technical characteristics of the MMO flexible anode determine that it can be effectively applied to the cathodic protection of the dense pipe network, and overcome the problems of uneven potential distribution, easy interference, and shielding of the traditional point anode system. It is applied to the outside protection of the bottom plate of the storage tank, which can achieve the goal of uniform potential distribution and long life while achieving high reliability.

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Product Details

Flexible anode is a buried land -type auxiliary anode for external and cathode protection to protect underground oil (gas) pipelines, underground storage tanks, chemical containers, etc.

The protective current is evenly distributed; Minimal interference to surrounding metal structures; No shielding and interference in the dense area of the complex pipe network.

Technical parameter

Project Index
Product number ELTA-15(MMO coating φ1.5mm titanium silk anode) ELTA-30(MMO coating φ3.0mm titanium silk anode)
Combine flexible anode outer diameter 38mm 38mm
MMO/TI anode diameter 1.5mm 3.0mm
Output current  328mA/m,Can be designed as required by the user 656mA/m,Can be designed as required by the user
Accelerated life ≥25 years ≥25 years
cable 1×10mm2XLPE/PVC 1×10mm2XLPE/PVC
Fixed carbon content ≥98.0% ≥98.0%
Volume resistivity ≤0.05 Ω.cm ≤0.05 Ω.cm
Coating thickness 6g/m2 6g/m2
Anode weight 1.5Kg/m 1.5Kg/m
Each volume length 500米、1000米 500米、1000米

Features of Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode

  • The flexible anode can be arbitrarily cut at the construction site according to the needs of the protected object, which is convenient and flexible to use
  • MMO flexible anodes do not pollute the environment
  • The contact resistance of the low MMO/TI wire and the cable
  • The excellent corrosion resistance and anti -aging of the sealing material of the connection point (node).
  • Designable large current output characteristics
  • High -reliability joint connection and quality control