MMO Coated Titanium Anode For Electrolysis Cell


Water electrolytic cell consists of a shell, anode, and cathode.

An electrolytic cell is when the direct current passes through the electrolytic cell, the oxidation reaction occurs at the interface between the anode and the solution, and the reduction reaction occurs at the interface between the cathode and the solution to produce the desired product.

Sales Inquires

Product Details

Gr1 Pure titanium water electrolytic cell, Coating with Ru-Ir coating, Ir-Ta coating, Platinum coating, with long working lifetime service life; Using UPVC or ACRYLIC Transparency shell can observe the electrolysis process and the electrodes surface scaling condition so that you can confirm the pickling period.

The electrolytic cell is easy to operate and has a single electrolyte circulation system. It is widely used in pickling phosphating, electrolysis, copper plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, palladium plating, gold plating, and other production processes in metallurgy, electroplating, chemical, and other industries.

Technical parameter

Material Gr1 titanium as substrate, Ru-Ir or Pt coated
Coating Pt /Ir-Ru/Ir-Ta/etc
Coating Thickness 0.2-10μm
Working Current <20000A/m2
Noble Metal Content >15g/sq m
Anode Shape 1.  Plate/Tube/Rod/Mesh shape, different dimension is available

2. According to client’s drawing

Temperature <85 degree celsius
Application Sewage treatment/Cathode protection/Noble metal plating (silver, gold)/Sea water antifouling/Testing electrode/Electrolytic syn thesis of organic/Electroplating Industry/Electrodialysis/Electrolytic water
Technique brush,the sintering, Stamping, Welded
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching

Titanium anode advantages

  1. Titanium anode has a long working life.The anode life has reached more than 6 years, while the graphite anode is only 8 months.
  2. It can overcome the problem of graphite anode and lead anode dissolution and avoid the pollution of electrolyte and cathode products, so it can improve the purity of metal products.
  3. Can increase the current density.
  4. Due to the use of metal anodes, high temperature, high current density operation of chlorate electrolysis cells becomes possible.
  5. Using DSA, the design concept and operating conditions of the salt electrolysis cell of mercury method and diaphragm method are improved, and the energy consumption is reduced.