MMO Titanium anode wire


The Titanium anode wire coated with noble metal oxide is produced by Baoji Ehisen Metal Material Co., Ltd. It is small in size, light in weight and deodorant under certain circumstance. The titanium anode wire and the water heater liner form a circuit with water as the conductive medium, when the current passes through the electrodes, the Cl- in the water moves to the Titanium anode wire coated with noble metal oxide, and it is enriched near the anode. The corrosion speed of the water tank as cathode would be slow down because the Cl-concentration reduces tremendously. This will prolong the service life of the water heater, further more, Titanium anode wire can be designed to use over 10 years without replacement.

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Product Details

MMO/Ti Anode Technical parameter

Substrate pure titanium TA1
Working current range <7500A/㎡
Operating temperature <65℃
surface metal RuO₂+Ir   O₂+Ti  O₂
Ruthenium iridium content 8-35g/㎡
Coating thickness 2-10μm
product status Net、plate、Tube、Great、Silk…
use environment PH:0-14

Types and Applications

  1. The titanium anodes have a mixed oxide coating. They are between 50 and 1200 mm long and can be fitted in pairsfor increased effectiveness. Large storage tanks are protected by several systems. For retrofitting, It’s supplied with comprehensive fitting equipment. it protects tanks with volumes of between 50 and 5000 litres safely and conveniently.
  2. Impressed current systems feed a continuous protective electric current for warm water tanks High-Tech for modern water storage heaters The system consists of two central components; the potentiostat and the itanium anode with mixed oxide coating.They are connected by cable and powered via mains cable. Fitting is exceptionally easy, by the same method as the magnesium anodes.