Platinised Titanium Anodes-Electrolyzed Ionized Water


Platinum mmo coated titanium anodes

Platinized titanium anode can be taken as a high quality and economical substitute of Platinum anode. It is made up of titanium substrate material and platinum plated (0.5~5um) on the titanium substrate material. Platinized titanium anode integrates good physical and chemical properties of platinum and titanium.

We make the platinized titanium anode in shape of mesh, plate, rod, tube and other complex shape. Mesh and plate are normally in plating, electro analysis and water treatment. Rod and tube normally use in cathodic protection. We have leading technology in platinized titanium anodes which are very smooth on anode surface and can be nice substitute of pure platinum anode. The purity of platinum coating is 99.99%. Also we supply design, manufacturing, recoating and repair service.


  • High performance of corrosion resistance
  • High efficiency of current
  • Long service Life
  • The substrate can be restored when the anode lose its activity.
  • High current density, and high production efficiency
  • Low weight


Ionized water machine, acidic oxidation potential water