Titanium electrode for salt chlorinator


The titanium electrode for salt chlorinator is called a titanium-based metal oxide-coated titanium anode (MMO). Also called DSA anode. (Dimensional shape stable anode). It uses titanium as the substrate and brushes the precious metal coating on the titanium substrate to make it have good electrocatalytic activity and electrical conductivity.

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Application of titanium electrode for salt chlorinator

The principle of sodium hypochlorite of the electrode method is to use an electrolytic indoctamia to generate sodium hypochlorite through average chemical reactions. The principle of anode reaction is to electrolytic sodium chloride in the swimming pool. During the electrolytic process, sodium hypochlorite was formed. The appropriate salt concentration is 3%-5%. The electrodes used in sodium hypochlorite generator have plate-type electrodes and tube electrodes. The anode material can be used for titanium electrode. The mixed oxide coating titanium anode has a long service life. This kind of coating titanium anode is also relatively low, the chlorine current has high efficiency, and the energy saving effect is good.

Technical parameter

Material Gr1 Titanium as substrate, MMO as coating
Anode Shape Different dimensions and shapes are available, and processed according to customized design/ drawing
Electrolyte H2SO4 or HNO3, Neutral
PH 0.1~14
Coating Thickness 8~15 micron
Current density <2000A/M2
Homogenous degree >=85%
Oxygen-liberated potential <=1.8V
Max content of Fluoride ion 200PPM
Applications Cathodic protection, Electrosynthesis, Chlorate perchlorate production, etc

Feature of Titanium electrode for salt chlorinator

  1. Insoluble anode, Stable dimension,
  2. Stable distance of the anode & cathode, Stable cell voltage
  3. Low working voltage, saves power/electricity
  4. High purity of the electrodeposited material
  5. No pollution of the cell
  6. Lightweight
  7. The titanium material is recyclable
  8. High property of current efficiency & catalysis
  9. Long working life