Titanium mesh platinum-plated anode for electrolysis of water


The titanium-based platinum-plated anode produced by Baoji Ehisen Metal Material Co., Ltd. uses industrially pure titanium with strong corrosion resistance as the base material. After repeated processing in multiple processes, the platinum layer has a very good bonding force with the surface of the anode and has high electrocatalytic activity. . Moreover, the shape, size and thickness of the platinum layer can be customized, and anode repainting technical services are provided to save costs for customers.

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Product Details


Technical parameter

Substrate titanium
PH Alkaline water ph:7.5-10, ORP≤250mv.

Acidic water ph: 2.5-6.5, ORP≥300mv.

Anode Shape mesh
Base Metal Gr1, Gr2
Coating Material 99.95% pure platinum
Coating Thickness 0.5-15 microns
Working Current <5000A/sq m
Noble Metal Content >15g/sq m
Content of Florin Ions <50mg/L
Temperature <80 degree celsius
Size Customized

Feature of Platinized Titanium Anode

  1. 1.Platinum is used as an anode material when either metallurgically clad or plated onto either a titanium substrate. Titanium form stable oxide layers when made anodic. The consumption rate of platinized anodes is on the order of 6 to10 mg/A-y. 
  2. 2.The production of titanium-based platinum-plated electrodes is to use electroplating process technology. And platinum is plated on the surface of the treated titanium substrate, which can be fully plated or partially plated. 
  3. The surface of the product is silver-white and has the advantages of uniform and fine coating, firm bonding, large output current, and long service life.
  4. Platinum-plated titanium anode is an insoluble anode, the platinum coating is firmly combined with the titanium substrate, with stable performance, high output current density is, small loss, long service lifetime, and lightweight; it can replace pure gold and pure platinum anodes for gold and other precious metal plating in the slot.